How ad hoc language support helps in an international work environment


    5 ways Squidll's ad hoc language support can help you.

    Working in an English-speaking work environment can be a challenge when English is not your first language. It can be daunting to communicate with your colleagues, clients, and partners, and you may find yourself struggling to express yourself or understand others.

    This is where ad hoc language support can be a game-changer, and it is precisely what Squidll offers.

    Squidll is an online platform that connects you with experienced business language coaches who can provide you with on-demand language support.

    Here are five ways Squidll's ad hoc language support can help you when working in an English-speaking environment.

    1. Boost your confidence

    Working as a non-native English-speaking employee in an English-spekaing environment can sometimes make you feel uncertain. While in your native language, you don't have to think about what you want to say, doubt can sometimes arise about whether or not to respond in English.

    But how can you perform your job as effectively if you are too afraid to communicate? Thanks to flexible access to ad hoc language support, you can eliminate that uncertainty.

    WEB / Online language trainingYou can rely on the help of a language coach 24/7, and that makes a big difference in how you can perform your job.

    Whether you require help with preparing for a presentation or meeting, writing an important business email, or practicing your spekaing skills, our coaches are available to help alleviate your uncertainties.



    2. Improve the language skills you need

    Everyone has their own unique language needs. This includes your current language proficiency, specific language needs, job function, and the industry you work in.

    Thanks to ad hoc language support, you can quickly and efficiently improve the language skills that you truly need in your job. Unlike traditional language training programs that often apply a more generic approach, you work with a language coach who tailors one-on-one sessions completely to your personal needs and professional goals.

    WEB / Mockup flexible booking

    It is also important that you can seek help from a coach with the appropriate knowledge. On Squidll, you can find a wide range of language coaches, each with their own specializations in specific domains and topics.

    This way, you can be sure that you are getting the right help to improve your business English.

    3. Work better together

    As a non-native speaker, it's not always easy to speak English confidently with your colleagues. But it's important to let go of the perfectionist in you and continue communicating even if mistakes are made.

    Through frequent communication, you can get to know your colleagues better and increase your confidence in communicating in another language. This, in turn, can lead to more efficient collaboration and a decrease in miscommunication.

    Squidll's ad hoc language support provides on-demand access to experienced language coaches who can assist you in improving your language skills and increasing your confidence in an English-speaking work environment. This way you can further enhance your communication abilities and build stronger professional relationships.

    4. Enhance your cultural awareness

    BLOG / Meeting communication skillsWorking in an English-speaking environment also means interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Your coach can help you navigate these cultural differences and develop a better understanding of your colleagues and clients.

    By working with a business language coach, you can learn about cultural norms, etiquette, and communication styles that may be different from your own. This can help you avoid misunderstandings and build stronger relationships with your colleagues and clients.

    5. Save time and increase productivity

    Thanks to ad hoc language support you will also save time and increase your productivity at work.

    Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to express yourself or understand a colleague's message, you can get immediate help from a language coach. This can help you complete tasks more quickly and accurately, and it can also reduce the stress and frustration that can come with language barriers.


    Do you want to overcome those language barriers?

    Working in an English-speaking environment can be challenging, but with Squidll's ad hoc language support, you can overcome these challenges and thrive in your career.

    Whether you need help improving your language skills, boosting your confidence, enhancing your cultural awareness or saving time, Squidll's business language coaches are here to help you succeed.

    So why wait? Book a session today and start unlocking your full potential in the workplace!

    Do you need help to improve your business English?

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    Are your language skills too much of a barrier to feel confident when communicating in English? Then you can book a session with one of our language coaches.

    With the help of your coach, you will broaden your vocabulary and practise conversations until you feel confident.

    Create your account on Squidll, find a business language coach who fits your needs and start today!

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    WEB / Corporate team squareSquidll offers a personalised, flexible, specialised, and cost-effective way to provide language training to your employees.

    So why not give Squidll a try and unlock your employees' full potential in the workplace?

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